Personal loans are those that can be evaluated by specialists in the financial industry, telecommunications, blue-chip companies, and government employees. This type of loan is secured by evidence of employment and may or may not require collateral; however, depending on the size, it may require a guarantor(s). This loan is intended to satisfy an immediate need and ranges in size from N500,000 to N5,000,000 (five hundred thousand naira to five million naira). Monthly repayments are required and the duration is three to twelve-month period.


We provide loans to both foreign and domestic students to finance their education. This category of loan is secured by sponsors who are employed and self-employed, it also requires collateral and guarantors. The client is required to make at least 25% contribution of the school fee. Repayment is monthly and a tenure of 3 to 12 months


Our corporate finance services are designed to help firms meet their short- and long-term working capital requirements. We provide flexible terms with the option of fixed or variable payments according to the cash flow of the business. The loan can also be used to speed up the clearance of items imported from abroad, provided they were brought in for business purposes and will be sold or delivered for cash after clearing.


These are loans that are primarily intended for the acquisition of assets and property such as houses, vehicles, and other assets, depending on the nature and usage of the asset. It is a form of secured loan and clients would be expected to contribute a minimum of 25% of the asset’s value. Any asset acquired would be registered under Standout Finance, and ownership would be transferred to the customer after the loan is paid in full.