Savings & Investments

Standout finance and investment is developed to assist individuals and businesses in increasing their wealth and securing their future. For our clients who want to invest and earn more, we offer fixed and savings investment. Our rate is really reasonable. The minimum investment is 100,000 naira. Early liquidation carries penalty on total accumulated interest, the minimum investment term duration is 90-360 days.

We offer the following savings options:

  • Easy Access: You can access your savings at any time with no penalty if you have easy access funds. The majority of children’s savings accounts are open to the public.
  • Smart Target: This allows you to put money aside for a certain goal.


  • All funds provided are our own, giving us a distinct edge when deciding on your application; we do not require a credit rating.
  • Competitive rates that ensure maximum returns.
  • Whether you’re looking to invest for capital gain or income, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.